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an extremely tyrannical coercion ‘ Since then, the light beam being filled and open,Coach Outlet Store, under such coercion ‘in the presence of most of the people’ are horrified found the body of a grudge, actually directly is to stop the operation ‘even the depths of even the soul’ is spread a kind of awe. ‘
This is a lower level on the positions of those who fear!
‘ten stars’ Kamijina blood,Coach Outlet Store Online! ”
all the ancient tribe of the people ‘looked stunned that road straight into the sky golden beam of light, they have the same blood and Kaoru children,Coach Outlet Online, the kind of coercion for them’ even more intense, the moment is has many ancient tribe of the people ‘can not stand this and other strong 烈威 pressure’ plop, is prostrated themselves in ‘the face’ to the full frenzy.
Hsiao go far looked around instantly fell down under is the person most ancient tribe of ‘This also includes the forest among others rotten’ but some elders and the strength of this and other ancient demon who ‘did not fall guifu ‘But the body is slightly bent’ eyes can not look in the farm road that golden shadows.
‘really go great Nizi Kamijina blood ah ‘ancient tribe is really a big humble ah,’ Mang day ruler is the sigh of relief ‘voice has not conceal his envy’ as Ray family who heNaturally very aware of this so-called Kamijina blood ‘for an ancient race ‘is how important it is.
‘Oh,Coach Outlet Store, ‘This time,’ You should know Kaoru children can Pale Ba?’
towering giant trees on ‘Pathetic man slightly amused eyes looking away that golden light’ smiled behind the two already stunned humanity,Coach Outlet.
‘Kamijina ‘
silver gown men and strong men looked at each other ‘are all feel a mouthful of bitter’ although there is some speculation earlier hearts ‘But this speculation became a reality when’ even if they are still felt incredible,Coach Outlet, After Kamijina

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first try? it in her hand,Coach Outlet Online, running exercises can be absorbed by it. ‘Then … Kaoru children flexor of a bomb, nuke energy to Xiao Yan.
a catch nuclear energy, Xiao Yan slightly odd to play a bit, then just follow Kaoru children said, nuclear energy in the palm grip running exercises.
And with the decision of the body burn operation, ‖X〗 Xiao Yan palm shoved a cool, ‖X〗 is immediately felt dismay, ‖X〗 a warm polished Unit energy, ‘S〗 as the tide ,Coach Outlet Store Online, ‖W〗 since that nuclear energy out into the storm surge,Coach Factory Outlet, ‘〗 then count them among the influx of Xiao Yan body, ‖N〗 and the most to get his surprise,’ E〗 these energy actually not too much refining, ‖T〗 long run along the meridian circle … is gradually dispersed in the limbs, and finally Qinru muscles, bones, cells of the final rule Nao Jing Di 㖞 child in 〓 〓 text \\ Network / land / site 〗
In this Qinru, Xiao YanWere able to clear the British sense of the kind of body to gradually increase the strength.
‘call magical things, absorbs even smoother than usual is no wonder that even the ancient tribe of immortality, the soul of this family of these super powers are so valued, this is actually the original singular treasure ……
when the last wave of energy into the body, Xiao Yan open palm, nuclear energy has turned into powder egg on his face, but also took some amazing promise of color, if this is not difficult to obtain nuclear energy, then, let him in about four months into the six products Doo Jin statue, really is not impossible!
amazed to see on the face of Xiao Yan,Coach Outlet Store, Kaoru children also smile,Coach Outlet, lost his hands behind toes a little ground, Jiaoqu is as elegant as a butterfly floating forward swept away, sweet crisp tender laughter, but also gently spread.
‘Come on, Xiao Yan brother, look at these three years,Coach Outlet Store, we who

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suddenly becomes subtle up, some of the individual person, in addition to Feng Qing four children, and the rest by key is the pace slowly moved back a bit, look at the eyes of the surrounding, more trace of vigilance and alert.
for their reflection of stone but it is not buried rationale, Gang Yu turned around, the pace is suddenly meal, turned to Xiao Yan, said:. ‘You come with me,’ Heard, the presence of people,Coach Outlet Store, including Xiao-ting,Coach Factory Outlet, all is Yi Zheng,Coach Factory Outlet, immediately look to the latter look strange.
parties as Xiao Yan,Coach Outlet Online, hesitated a moment, Gang Yu opening, but it is seen in front of the stone has been Huangyou to live in another high mountain slope to go, there has a shiting, seeing ‘He only nodded his head, facing Nalan sweet asked loudly, just quickly followed.
be too came when Xiao Yan Shi Ting, stone is hand-held standing,Coach Outlet Store, eyes looking at the colorful sky tidal energy, but also in the Shi Ting, he also met before the maze’ve met who claimed Valley Huiyi old man.
Valley Xiao Yan came to see, hey smiled at him,Coach Outlet Online, looked at the Valley, said: ‘? the little guy, you know to tell you what it is.’
Wen Yan, Xiao Yan little silence, immediately said: ‘? Is it because the older stone body injury.’
words down, Xiao Yanming explicit notice to that stone body gently shock of the earthquake, and the Valley is a laugh, said:. ‘Look, I said this kid is definitely not unusual refining pharmacists’
stone slowly turned dull eyes had become very sharp at the moment is that he firmly fixed on Xiao Yan, some doubts: ‘The? Can you see my body injury’ do not blame him suspect to know that even some of the top six products refining pharmacists are not up to this level, do not frontBut more than 20-year-olds, actually higher than this level?
‘ah, it is possible to see some.’ Xiao Yan nodded slightly.

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to the dark Simie sword, caught between strong corrosive contact with Bingjian chill, erupted Chi Chi shrill sound.
head exposed sneer looked insisted small medical cents, a touch of magic to stir up old devil mouth cold,,
immediately cried softly: ‘explosion!’
‘bang!’ Sheng
a fall, the dark Bingjian Meng Yi Chan, immediately burst out of thin air without warning and open, kind of explosive impact, directly bird is gray and purple thugs blasted nothingness,Coach Factory Outlet, and, bursting Bingjian and open, but this is not crushed, but into numerous small palm Frostsaber, lightning break through the wall of gray Purple blockade,cheap jordans, direct small medical cents!
sudden change, but also for the small medical cents scared too surprised, pinch toes a little empty Krupp, is suddenly Baotui stature, however, the reaction may be fast, but it still was a lot of Frostsaber spread, sharp Frostsaber lightning across its surface on the side, when the rupture clothes, but also brought up a trace of blood.
two were fighting so strong electro-optical flint-like cross neptunium,, but it is each contains extremely dangerous,Cheap Jordans Outlet, almost all are mouths killer,Cheap Jordan Shoes, but so thrilling at any time can be deadly offensive, but also has made it a lot students braved the cold sweat covered.
looked Frostsaber ** injury is small medical cents, to explore the magic palm old devil, those from the latter body ** – Blood Frostsaber suddenly Shanlue while back, and finally into a round black chill ‘ retracted into its body being.
‘able to set foot in the bucket in such cases is the age level, even if the wife had to admit that you really amazing talent, but now you just a four star cases only, by virtue of that is I want to contend with, but it is a lot worse, today, if you are willing to turn away, the old guaranteed not to find

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is still just a full stomach holding resentment break cloud-lan were immature teenager,cheap jordans, he Xiao Yan ‘childhood is sent to the great expectations, always firmly believed that’ Xiao Xiao Yan will change,Cheap Jordans, will have to decline the more family really becomes powerful.
now Hsiao-yen, has become famous Plains strong class, fighting strength respect level, if on that Gama empire, enough to become a legend like existence, from a certain point of view,, ‘he seems to have reached the Xiao war had expected of him, but unfortunately,Cheap Retro Air Jordan, ‘he has not seen his son flying dragon thatMoment.
‘I will rescue my father, and this is my brother’s brother Cheng Well, can not be saved back to the father,,’ I ashamed to see them, ‘Xiao Yan whispered, hoarse voice reveals a divided soul Hall of the mountain’ from him When yet still immature, is always pressure on his shoulders, but fortunately, he has not been crushed, but the rapid growth in this pressure until the point today.
‘teacher will help you even try any of this expense. ‘Xiao Yan old drugs patted the shoulder,Cheap Jordans, smiled and said:’ If your father could know then that little boy and now is able to work independently of the strong, should also be very happy. ”
Xiao Yan smiled, blinked, the slightly sour feeling Renxia meaning, immediately asked: ‘teacher ever know his father was imprisoned in the Central Plains of the soul of the house where? ‘
‘does not in any place Plains. ‘Medicine old shook his head’ Road.
Wen Yan, Xiao Yan Yi Zheng, frowning:? ‘What do you mean, ‘
‘I’m not sure why the soul of the house value will be as your father,’ I guess the only thing capable of ‘it should be on your body that Jade’s sake, ‘the old drugs also scowled and said:’ ancient tribe have Proterozoic while the soul of the house of strength and heritage, it is

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in general. such a drastic change
flame,Coach Outlet, Xiao Yan did not make what color,Coach Factory Outlet, I remember when he was in the creation of Buddha anger lotus, that is the real soul-stirring, slightly slightest mistake, he is buried was born in that different fire fusion being, and then compared that scene,Cheap Jordans, and now these three beasts fire, it is also just a pediatrician. But although
pediatrics, but that is never the flame will get to practice
by step, so Xiao Yan Ran is prepared to go all out, & quot;
had a different experience when the fusion fire, this integration, Xiao Yan is also not appear in the busy hands busy feet,, soul force lightning invasion tanning together to make the flame.
soul enters into force ten flame, which is filled with the kind of feel the rage, as if the volcano is about to erupt before the riots in general, three flame resist each other,, each molecule of the flame touch, all will have to make a flame Among the violent far better than one point, according to this continues, the outbreak appears to be sooner or later.
harbinger of the kind of feeling within the volcanic eruption of flame in front of Xiao Yan heart is gradually imposing, mind a move that shrink wrapped in green flames and shoved outside, and with its contraction, where the compression force is suddenly soaring! With that kind of compression force
rapid inflation, and that the force of rage within the flame is turned up several times, seeing the outbreak will be open, but Xiao Yan is still not diminished the pressure actually represents. & Quot;
‘bang,Jordans For Sale!’
that more terror under pressure, forced together bran flame finally could not resist, I heard a muffled, like a volcanic eruption like that, bang burst open!
flame burst into a fury of fire, the waves looked like ripples spread and then a

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green flowers appear when this time. Among the ancient demons python giant eye brutality and cruelty is quickly dissipated. ‘Instead. Is a docile empty ……,
‘success Mody * ……’
see that stopped motionless in the sky ancient demons python. Xiao Yan eyes is passing touch hi Italy. If Harengula can really control this big guy,Coach Outlet Store, then they are the strength of the pedestrians,, Kang suspect many will be soaring, five skull bucket respect hatch fighting, even if it is on the reckless waste ancient domain. Is quite tyrannical presence.
‘call ……’ ‘
when flowers forming. Harengula also slowly closed his eyes. And when they close their eyes, behind that huge snake ghost nine previous day. Is slowly dissipated away. That filled the ancient coercion between heaven and earth. Also quietly fade.
‘Laugh * ……’
the sky. Huge colorful python swallowing day is once again swept into the shadows under enchanting. Eyes looked strange green scales, which previously summoned snake out of that nine days, and even she is feeling some promise palpitations. This and other perverted like existence,Coach Factory Outlet, I am afraid it was only the legend of the nine color python swallowing day just able to compete with the.
‘under control * ……’ Xiao Yan’s body is among the golden storm surge, quickly changed back to the prototype, and then appear in green scales beside ‘road.
‘ah Fortunately it previously consumed a lot of power coupled with the color scale repression soul sister. Otherwise,, this really can not surrender * ……’ Harengula smile.
‘That would be nice …… quickly went to the demons blood pool * ……’
萧炎松 a deep breath, then turned to look over tall is filled with a huge mountain Mist. Xu some faint glowing eyes,, physique of a move,Cheap Jordans Online, is facing the inside of the mountain snatched.

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